I just found out I'm pregnant but I haven't had a cycle since semptember and I can't get into the doctor till the 10th.

2016-02-17 10:09
you can- abort, adopt, or keep. the choice is yours. other then that, not much you can do.
Prenatal vitamins iron and frolic acid (folate) are necessary and will be recommended as soon as you get to a doctor .
Is there a government fertility clinic near you. They will advise you what you should do to keep yourself healthy & well till you get to a dr for examination, advice etc. you can also buy books that help you learn what to expect as your body cares for this new life inside of you. Each month you will see & feel changes happening. The book will alert you what the next step is before it happens. Prenatal classes are good & you will get to meet other mums to be, often forming friendships that last long after the children stop playing together. I wish you a safe & worry free pregnancy.
Wait it out.
You didnt say your age so I can only offer so much as far as advice. From what you say, you are three months pregnant soon to be 4 months pregnant (or close to that or around there) on the 10th for your appointment. Take care of yourself and the baby while you work on deciding what you will do. You need to make a lot of decisions before your doctor's appointment. Make sure you have all information for the doctor and he/she will be able to tell you almost exactly how far along you are. If you aren't now, you will soon begin to show your pregnancy, so others will need to know what's going on.
you can secretly go to a drug store and ask for help there and/or buy something to abort or other you can do is to gain confidence to tell this biological update your body is experiencing :) the choice is yours
I would say that you should only be two or so months along and that is a perfectly acceptable amount of time before seeing a doctor. I've known a few women that have waited as long as three months before going to the doctor (hoping that they would not be pregnant and start their cycle again). You probably shouldn't wait that long though if you've done the at he pregnancy test and it came back positive. You will need to start a prenatal vitamin as soon as you can to help your body keep up with the new little person growing inside you. Take care of yourself and good luck
Im sure if you need to be seen before then you could go to the hospital or maybe a near by clinic...other than that you'll have to wait. Best wishes
No drinking , smoking, anti biotic, cold meds,eat healthy lots of water,SEE the MD as scheduled. any probs go to hospital tell them your pregnant before treatment.good luck congrads

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