I've been invited to a CSI&Law enforcement camp. The cost: 450$ due Apr. 11. I have to pay for it myself, so I need

2016-02-16 01:25
I'm only 14, so I can't get a real job. I'm looking for any other ideas besides babysitting.
Dog walking ... house sitting ... doing household chores for neighbors (cleaning gutters, raking leaves, painting, etc)
You probably can't raise that much in that amount of time. Can you write up a contract with family (even g'ma, g'pa, aunts and uncles) that promises to do tasks (mow grass every week all summer without whining - that's the important part - trust me, do dishes every night for X amount of time, other chores that might be suggested by any one of you) and then follow through so that you can use this tactic again should another opportunity come along?
Tutoring, washing dogs, ask for donations
Well Robbing a Bank is out of the ?Depending on how old you are, tryPan Handling! Works well for people who don't want to work! But you will need a sign ( Will work for Food ) and stand at an intersection, remember not to take a bath for a wk, roll in the dirt, some make more in a wk than most people!
Depending on where you live, shoveling snow is a great way because of the winter we are having.
Sounds "Too Good To Be True". Forget it.

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