How do you talk to someone about anorexia

2016-02-16 00:29
I don't want to have a full blown intervention, but my moms eating habits are worriesome. She refuses to eat any sort of carb at all and eats sparingly. She says she "doesn't get hungry" throughout the day. At family meals she'll barely fill her plate and act like she is full but then my boyfriend has seen her sneaking food. She is really skinny and doesn't workout so its almost like she is frail. I feel like she is doing it for attention (not trying to be mean, but my dad is gone a lot and doesn't spend a lot of time with her) but when I bring it up she seems to enjoy that I've noticed she's not eating a lot. I know it is a mental thing and I'm wondering how I talk to her about it so it gets through to her so she will actually get help.
you need to tell her straight uo that your worried about her. work from there. she needs to be eating, starving yourself only loses muscle.
You ask them if they are worried about their weight in anyway and if that=t is why they are refusing to eat those things. Make them feel open about telling their feelings to you :) i had to talk to one of my close friends about anorexia and now she is ok. Its really nice of you to be worried about her :D
Maybe research support groups in your area and suggest the closest one to her. Tell her you are worried and maybe a group would help.

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