Friend want's to know the probability of the father sticking around and staying committed, loyal, loving, etc. relations

2016-02-15 17:32
Recent events have worried her and is unsure if the father is going to stick around after finding out the news. She wants to know how to ask the right questions to find out from him about what he thinks of it, and discuss the current situation.
Probability? No one can determine that under ANY circumstance. She just has to communicate with HIM and discuss what they are going to do.
If she's having his child ... and they aren't married ... she needs to hire a lawyer and prepare to have a court order for child support and custody - no matter what he says.
If she's worried, she probably knows the odds are not in her favor.Has her guy been telling her things like, "Darling, I really want to have kids with you and start a family"? If not, she is most likely gonna get stuck being a single mom.
If he hasnt bothered to marry her then the liklihood of him sticking around for long is fairly low.
Now it is to late for those types of questions. New Question is how can I raise a child on my own. No man can promise to be around; no human being can keep that promise. So the big question is how can I make sure my child will survive if neither parent can keep the promise to always be around?

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