My Diamond Doves have laid eggs! What pet stores could I sell the grown babies to in California, primarily San Diego?

2016-02-15 09:22
My female diamond dove, Dolci just laid an egg tonight, and while I'm so excited about it, I'm also very worried. I cannot keep the babies because since I work most of the day, I cannot keep an eye on them much. After 3 weeks, the parents will "kick out" the grown fledglings to make way for a new batch, and many times, the mother or father has killed the offspring. I don't want that to happen to them. I know there is also the method of taking away the eggs and using them as dummy eggs that the female will think she laid, but for some reason that really sits uncomfortable with me (a past traumatic experience) and I would really just like the babies to hatch and live. I have heard of pet stores buying baby birds from people or just taking them in. I could care less about the money, just as long ad they have a safe place to go. What pet stores preferablly San Diego, do you know of, could take my baby birds in and sell them? Bird savvy people, breeders, and pet store people please!
Um, don't sell them to pet stores!!! Sell them directly to an owner & DO A HOME CHECK!!!!!! Pet stores will probably buy your babies for maybe 30 bucks and then sell them for freakin 100 just to make a stupid profit. Sell them to better people, PLEASE!! You'd be cruel to sell them to a pet store. I've worked in a pet store before & it is NOT pretty. If an animal is deformed or is sick they toss them in a box and let them die. No vet, not a care. If you sell to a pet store I will consider you a no-good backyard breeder.
Cannot help but "let your fingers do the walking" call every pet store in your area and they will guide you

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