Should I go to the Christmas party?

2016-02-14 00:12
Okay so I lost my grandfather (my dad's father) and it's very hard right now and it's hard to except that he's gone. Well I have too. I got invited to go to a Christmas party this Saturday. I'm not sure if I want to because I don't want to end up crying there and plus it's the same day as his funeral and it's in Georgia and I can't afford to go and I'm devestated that I can't go. I know not everyone can go but I want to be there.
I think that you should probably stay home. It's the same day as the funeral and you'll be really sad about that and you probably won't feel like partying. Spend time with your family. God bless!
If its not with your own family probs not cuz you need to spend time with family but its up to you.
Depends on who it is hosted by....

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