Why would my feet be swollen three weeks after hip replacement surgery when I have had no other problems. 39 Male 180lbs

2016-02-12 07:35
I had my other hip replaced three months earlier and had no swelling that I recall. I have been on my feet a lot lately just doing chores around town and the house but nothing major and I always lay in my bed at least for an hour four to five times a day.
that should b normal, after surgery u naturally start to swell , ur body let's out fluid fast but its slower to take it back in, like a pimple for example, it can come out of nowhere in a matter of hours but it takes days to go away, ( that is as long as u dont pop it), so naturally the swelling slowly dripped down to ur feet now u must elevate (lift) ur feet higher than ur head when ur laying down on ur back, so its like a foot high more or less and when resting any time keep em up. every one is different it can take 3-5 days or 2-6 weeks to drain, so don't worry but u should always ask ur doctors anyway, wen u got the chance.
I heard it could be tendonitis or blood clot. Either one of these is a very different solution. I would check with your doctor. I have the same thing going on and I just left a msg for my dr, but have been researching it since. I am 30, had no problems during or after surgery (also no problems with last hip replacement, both have been replaced now) but my left (op side) foot has been hurting bad and now it is really swollen so I was able to get around without a crutch there for about a week and now I need the crutch again because my foot hurts, not my hip. It is very frustrating.
you need to lay down and prop it up.. Its blood circulatory problems. if your a heavy drunker that could be causing congestive heart failure. You might think your to younge but 2 of my grandfathers were died buy the ages 51 and 52 .
Please have your doctor check for Adema. Very serious illness that causes swelling.

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