Is it wrong to talk to more than one guy?

2016-02-12 02:57
Like, f your just talk talking. As friends. My family doesn't seem to understand that were not dating. No harm done, right?
Yea that's fine. However, as soon as a commitment is made or implied, it becomes wrong. Sex can also complicate this matter. If I hadn't dated as many girls as I have, some more than one at a time, I wouldn't have known exactly what I wanted out of the girl I want to marry.
It is not wrong to talk to more than one guy. It is completely normal to do this because some of the guys you talk to are just your friends. You need to explain this to your family members to avoid any misunderstanding.
As a young (teen) lady, it's ok to DATE numerous guys. Enjoy your single status & youth. 1) that's how you get social experience, get to know people, learn what you want in a mate....2) getting "committed" to one guy too soon (too young) smacks of desperation.
Ofcourse noottt
No and there's nothing wrong with dating more than one guy either. As long as it's just dating, as in going out on dates. No sex, no relationship, just dating. Just date around until you meet the right guy. That's how our grandparents did it and they didn't have the 50% divorce rate we see today.

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