whats the best type of worm or bait to use on the mississippi river?

2016-02-09 04:09
I have stink bait, shrimp, a cut up drum, and going to get worms but whats the best to use in the river. I try to fish catfish but to me any fish is good for me. will also get chiclen liver. alsp I bottom fish so whats the best hook types and size.
blood worms, sand worms or earth worms
If you are going for catfish, anything stinky is good. Even bacon grease and bread crumbs rolled into balls works.You just need to size your bait and hook to what your line can handle. Do not put a large hook and a big gob of chicken liver on a 5 lb test line. A big channel cat will just snap it like it was nothing.But if you use a small hook and a small bait, it will not be interested and the smaller ones will give it a go.

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