Whats it like being a pharmacist?

2016-02-09 01:00
Im a senior in high school and I was thinking about being one. But Whats it like? how are the hours? how long does the schooling take?
You'll have to become one to find out.
A lot of responsibility. They have to be very accurate and know the chemistry behind medications. What not to mix, the contradictions, the mechanism behind the pill.
Let's keep it simple. "Hello sit how may I help you? Okay I'll be right back with your prescription." sound so fun now?
Pharmacy requires a post-graduate degree. One either goes to a four year college to obtain a Bachelor's degree and then a pharmacy school, or the more common route- most pharmacy schools have a 2+3 program, where you spend 2 years doing undergraduate core work then 3 years in the pharmacy school. At the end, you have the equivalent of a MAster's degree in pharmacy. Some pharmacy schools also offer the doctoral version- a PharmD- in a 2+4 program or 2 year post-degree program.Pharmacy requires you to be very meticulous and have an excellent memory- one slip up with drug interactions could KILL someone. They can often catch doctor's mistakes- it is not uncommon for patients to not give full disclosure to their various doctors, meaning one doctor could prescribe something that interacts badly with a medicine another doctor had prescribed. A pharmacist should be keeping track of their patients' medications to ensure that doesn't happen. The hours are fairly average- 45-50 a week depending on whether you work in a large company or a small neighborhood pharmacy.

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