Is it normal for a 14 yr old (female) to have most of the breast cancer symptoms found in women?

2016-02-08 17:11
I have a lot of them. I'm terrified, they're only getting worse. Are the symptoms in older women the same as in younger women/teens? if you have all the symptoms, how big of a chance is it you have breast cancer? I'm way to scared to go to the doctor, for the fear I'll get bad news.
Hanna, if you have a history of it in your family,or are just scared talk to your parents and a doctor. Early detection is your best chance of beating it . Hope everything turns out for the best.
If you have "symptoms" then you will need to see a doctor. You are 14 so you will need to go with a parent. You must also remember that the symptoms of breast cancer are also the symptoms of a young woman going through puberty and her breasts growing, as well as many other things. Only a doctor can diagnose you.
Breast cancer can occur in men and women of any age. The best chance for a full recovery is early detection. Talk to an adult and make an appointment with a doctor. Good luck.
Bite the bullet. Go to the doctor. Have someone like your mom or best friend go with you for support. If you wait, and it is cancer it will only get worse. Early detection is the key to full recovery.
Have you asked this before? This sounds familiar. 14 year olds don't get breast cancer.
I have never heard of breast cancer in teens, it usually only happens in older people over 40 but anything is possible, I know you are afraid to see a doctor but you probably should just incase.
It's not normal in anyone... Get checked... Anyone at any age can get breast cancer. Even guys. you should check if you don't want it to get worse. they'll have to cut one or two if it gets worse better to do it now. so nothing else happens trust me

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