Am I having an allergic reaction?

2016-02-08 12:17
So I live in the Midwest, and I am vacationing in Florida. I have this bump on my forhead that's a little smaller than a Penny. I've been having cold like syptoms that only started after I noticed the bump. It looks like a big bite of some sort. It's not itchy and It's red. It's not a zit for sure. Am I having an allergic reaction? Thanks!
probably allergies..i also have allergies and strange things happening all over my body such as blistering,red dots and paper cuts out of nowhere
I lived in Florida their are so many weird looking bugs..(It's probably one of those types of bugs) Florida is too overrated..
no but it could be ummm not to scare u but it might be a bite from a mildly poisonous bug u should go to a doctor or urgent care right away - better safe then sorry
probably not. its probably a mosquito bite. and ur probably having ur allergies. a lot of ppl r lately

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