would it be right to run-away

2016-02-06 23:33
would it be right to run-away
Run away .. to where? You still have to eat .. to have a roof over your head .. to have a safe place to spend your time .. You don't get any of that for free on the street.If you have a problem that is bigger than you .. talk to someone. Running away would complicate things soo much more.
No don't do it my answer is super simple NO
No not at all if you want to talk I'm here to talk! I always am! And here's something that can help! Read the bible and pray! It always helps me but if you want to talk about anything I'm here! And this goes for anybody! :D good luck and stay where you are! That would be smart!
There is an old saying: "The grass always seems greener on the other side of the fence". This is very much a fallacy. It is the same as running away....you think things are better somewhere else, but the chances are about 99.9% that what you find out there is going to be a lot worse than whatever it is/or wherever you are running away from.Running a way from your problems never solves them....they will still be there. Grow up and try to find out what it is you are really running away from. Chances are you can work out anything if you go the the right people and state your problem without blowing it all out of proportion. If it is a family problem, see if you can get everyone together and tell them what is bothering you. If you have to, go to another adult you know, a teacher, pastor, a relative, one of your friends' parents, and tell them what is going on.Running away **never** is the solution to anything. Do not do it, please?
In my opinion, it will not be right to run-away. This is because, if you ran-away, your parents will be very worried and you do not know what might happen to you if you happen to run-away.
you know the answer to that question ......
Running away won't solve your problems
Yeah, don' run away from your problems. Face em & say "Bring it on!" lol. And somethin could happen to you. Theres alot of psychos out there, girl. I dont even know ya & id hate for somethin to happen to you:(

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