What is this skin problem from a cat scratch?

2016-02-05 09:24
i started fostering a kitten last week and it scratched me while i was giving it a flea bath. on one area where it scratched me, a couple days ago, a red circle formed that is caved in in the center but has puss bubbles all the way around it. It is very itchy. This morning when I woke up, i found another one forming on my other arm. I went to the doctor who was unable to identify it. she just put me on antibiotics and if that doesnt work, she will put me on fungal medication. do any of you know what this is?
I would assume infected ringworm. I would definitely go to the doctor about it though. or else it will continue spreading.
cat scratch fever
I am a wrestler and I get ringworm ALOT. My suggestion is to get some ringworm cream. If that does not work you need oral medication. If none of these work check your bed for bed bugs. I went to a hotel with bed bugs and I had marks that looked like ringworm but were not.
Eugh. Ringworm. Not a fun thing to have. It's not an actual worm, so don't freak, but it is a fungus and can go away with medicine. Don't expose the area to anyone and let people know which towel is yours, etc.
Sounds like ringworm .http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/ss/slideshow-ringworm

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