What should I get (Try to get) two figure skaters to sign?

2016-02-05 04:02
I am going to the 2014 Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championship tomorrow and I want to try to get my 2 favourite figure skaters to sign something. I don't want to get them to sign my skates (Not even my first ones...) or my old helmet... What should I get them to sign? Well, try to get them to sign... :P They're names are Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, they're AMAZING!!! :) :D
Okay, sorry about that :P

Thaankss! :) :D
Buy a program at the event and get them to sign it. Keeps forever
Get them to sign your butt :D jk they could sign a picture or them or a t-shirt.
They can sign a shirt or something that reminds you of skating.

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