Why do girls want to stop being friends with someone when they have boyfriends please help

2016-02-03 14:47
My friend she said she didnt want to be my friend just because she has a boyfriend she told me that she cant talk with me because she is having to much fun and also she stop talking with other friends is it worth losing a good friend thsts been there for her for years over a guy she met for a month
The mystery of women .-.
No it's not right. With a BF , it might be him that is telling her she cant have male. Her dropping all friends is going to be a big mistake for her. Doubtful at a young age , this is her last BF. When he's gone , who is going to be there.? Could also be a control thing on his part. Most control freaks want to know every move she makes. Who, what , where , when etc. To bad you lost a friend but for some strange reason , I think she'll be back.
En .... it more depend on the girl herself.~ So ... let it be .
The boyfriend might of told her "I don't want you talking to him or her" and she listened to him so she must be really in love with him
Even though ya'll just have a friendship going on.. her boyfriend doesn't just look at it this way you & her probably hang out all the time and he is wondering what are they doing together why is she hanging with a guy not a girl? he is probably controlling.. He doesn't want her to have guy friends or to talk to any guys is she cheating on me? He could just be jealous
Maybe her boyfriend feels threatened by you. And he has asked her to stop talking to you. Or for that matter any other guy friends she has. Or maybe she has feelings for you? And can't deal with both of you? Lol or maybe she's one of those girls that as soon as she gets a boyfriend she stops talking to everyone else and consumes all her time with/for him.
When my hubby and I were split up the second time, I became really close friends with a guy named Mikie. I loved this dude, (like my brother) we went EVERYWHERE and did everything together. We were literally inseparable. There was nothing between us, except an amazing friendship.When I got back together with my hubby, he didn't like the fact that I was that close to another guy. EVEN though there was nothing going on between us. It was pretty obvious (though looking back now, I wish I would have chosen differently) who I was going to choose.
Some people feel that talking to the opposite sex when in a relationship is wrong.... he happy for her .. that she is happy.

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