What job opportunity's are there for a 16 year old to do in the United States?

2016-02-01 20:47
I'm 16 and wanting to get a job. I honestly don't want a job at a Burger King or something of that sort. I just need to find a job that'll pay well for 16 and above I guess. I'm just wanting recommendations cause I need ideas for getting a job so I can start making money but not something $5.00 an hour if you see what I mean. I say I don't want something at a Burger King cause I know they pretty much pay there employ's low and poorly.
Most any job for a 16 yr old will pay minimum wage. The good news is it's not $5 an hour. Start wherever you can and build from work experience.
If you are 16 with no real work experience, those are the kind of jobs that you can get.
I'd go for a grocery store a sporting goods store.
So- you have no experience, are just barely old enough to work, and expect good pay that isn't at the bottom of the barrel? Get realistic- with no experience you are most likely going to be working for minimum wage, since you don't have the skills to get more.
Many things. A lot of restaurants hire bussers and hostesses at 16. Even some waiters too.
At 16 what job experience do you have? Any training? No? So whatever job you get your employer is going to have to train you. You are going to be slow at first, and since time is money, you are going to get paid less. At 16 your are going to get a minimum wage job. It is how you perform once you get that job that will make the difference. If you go in and not only do what is expected of you but take the extra step and help when needed, without being asked, you will get the raises and the promotions. Also no where in the US is minimum wage just $5.00 per hour.
Clothing stores?
McDonald's hehe
With a work permit, any job. Before 18, I worked as (in reverse order) a computer programmer, electronics salesman, chicken butcher, fast food chef, pizza chef, paper deliverer, and babysitter.

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