This girl rejected me, but does she like me now?

2016-01-31 16:28
A few months ago, there was this girl I liked. So, I told her how I felt, but she said she saw me more as a friend. I was pretty heartbroken after that. It wasn't until I realized she was already seeing another guy by the time I told her my feelings. A few months after the rejection, I ended up being a secret admirer to her. I gave her sweet notes, flowers, chocolate, apple cider, a poem and a CD (I know, I'm insane).

But anyways, she recently found out it was me, and I've been kind of avoiding her. But whenever I walk by her, she smiles, waves or says "Hi" and "How's a going?". When we end up walking together, it's like she's trying to start a conversation with me. A couple times, I would make clever jokes and she'd end up calling me "cute". She even gave me cake during her birthday party recently. Also, one time, she walks behind me as I was eating, taps me on the shoulder, and waves and smiles at me (and this was only to me and not the others at the table).

I can't tell if she likes me now or not, and I don't know if she's still seeing the other guy or not. As much as I'd like to flirt with her, I think it's kind of dangerous.

What's your opinion on this? Elaborate.
I'm not to sure either but it seems like there is a good chance she likes you or she might just feel bad for you, cuz u gave her all that stuff.
sounds like your being a sweetheart has brought her around ...let her get to know you ....but for now don't jump the gun..but the way she is acting towards you now..definitely is a good sign .......good luck
I most definitely do not consider myself an expert, but I am a girl...So I will tell you what I would be doing in that situation.I would regret making someone feel bad about something think that, and I would bug myself about it nonstop. At first I would be really embarrassed to talk to you, because i wouldn't know what to say, and I would be worried it would be awkward, but I would still be bugging myself about it. After a while, if you seemed okay with me, I would try to be a friend, and help. I'd want to say something but have no idea how to say it, and i would be afraid i would hurt you. I can only speak for myself there, and i dont know what your girls personality is like, so i cant even begin to guess the way someone who know you two could. If youre okay with either answer, I would recommend you confront her about it. ask her whats going on, something of the sort. But really be confident you are okay with either answer, sometimes its better not knowing.I had a bit of a "pity romance' lets call it, it didnt work out so well.I wish you luck, bravery, love, what ever you need. hope it goes your way
If she truly cares for you she should making an effort towards you-- that way you would know for sure. Love finds the right heart to connect to. Looking too hard for love--it sometimes gets lost in the reality of life. Yet allowing love to come find you--then it would be real love. Be yourself--be truthful to yourself and to her, but don't be too pushy towards her. Good luck
Dont go to any conclusions its probably best to just ask. The worst thing is that she says no then u can jist move on to better things. Or play hard to get. For some reason people want what they cant have.
She feels sorry for you, move on
She may have seen how sweet you are and has fallen for you, Thats real sweet and I know what I would do if I were her.
She might like you, though I hate love. How it is, one person loves another then rejects. They come around and you don't possibly feel the same or feel like its for the best. Though in my eyes love is a waste of time for me, as it is that I'm a waste on it. Anyway she might be, just ask. Love is so cliché.

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