Should I tell my friend that I'm falling for her ex ? :(

2016-01-30 14:54
My friend was in love with this guy rite? n they went out rite like for two months but then he broke up with her she cried for him and then I think she got over him rite now I think she's talking to this other guy ... her ex is always hugging my grabbing me by my waste and hes always playing around with me and I think I'm falling for him this happend on feb 2 and I'm thinking to tell my friend that I'm falling for her ex and I'm scared tht i might loose her but I really really really like him :( what should I do?
Would you mind if she dated your ex. Picture the tables turned how would you feel and go from there...
Ask her if she still likes him. If she says no, then tell her you kind of like him. In this case you could always ask him why the certain interest, he could be trying to make her jealous. Just a thing for you to think about before you fall to hard.
Always talk to your friend if you're feeling their ex! Friends are the ones who will always be there not flings...
If she is your real friend she will understand and be happy for you. Good luck and I hope if it does work your relationship is a good one!! :)
yes be honest tell her you'll stop liking him if she doesnt want you to. (if the friendship is that close) and take into consideration how many other peopl she's dated. i have a friend who's dated EVERYONE so he's fair game since he has so many exes.

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