Why do people think all "Juggalos" are bad?

2016-01-28 20:12
Myself and most of my friends are Juggalos and are automatically labeled "menaces to society". Even though 3 of my friends and I are Firefighters and have never had any run-ins with the law, it's hard to shake the label. Next year I will also be attending Criti-care to become a Paramedic, but i fear for my career since Juggalos were put on the top 5 most dangerous gang list by the FBI. And i do have Insane Clown Posse tattoos that I refuse to cover up.
I don't know really. I would attempt to explain it, but then I can't really explain it. You know?To me, I honestly don't mind, I don't see how juggalos pose a threat or anything. It's not like you guys gather together and plot about genocide or anything.
People have different views on such matters. As it is known, Juggalos have been involved in a number of crimes around the country. However, being a juggalo doesn't make you a criminal so be what you feel is right for you.
As an theist, I identify with juggalos because we are both often painted as ethicless deviants. I like when clowns are walking around, it brings a sense of lunacy to an otherwise often boring world. To be frank, those people who judge you and yourr friends are probably the same people that dislike my self and other atheist. Its these conservative "wholesome" value pushers that want to look down their noses at us. They think we need to go back to the 1950's, pull our pants up, fear god, cut our hair, take off the make up, get the queers out, buy a truck, beat up women til they get in the kitchen, hate blacks, read the bible they never have, buckle down and get a job. The sad world they live in is so far removed from reality its frighting. I'm heading towards my PHD despite being "a idiot atheist." There is too much privilege going around. The people who hate Juggalo's are mostly just shallow and they are told to be in churches. I've seen on many occasions, pastors single a girl out in the crowd and tell her her nose ring is of satan and you need to look like you love christ. I think it goes without saying that demonic clown make up is going to land you right in his judgement pool.
what's a juggalo?
I actually like them and the event they produce - I can't tell you why they / the event appeals to me - maybe it's got something to do with confronting authority that is based on lies. Occasionally you'll see that theme comes threw - they are not the "simpletons" media paints them to be. Like you, I'll probably catch a lot of criticism for this post!
If your self identity is linked to the worst band that has ever existed, well, that makes you look pretty stupid. The Insane Clown Posse are criminals that recorded the worst music that has ever existed. If you are a fan of that band, you have to know that most people will find that incredibly stupid. Seriously, it's the dumbest thing anyone could ever like. The worst thing anyone could ever be is a juggalo. It's the lowest of the low. I really hope you are trolling.

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