How long will it take me to recover from a l4 l5 fusion? Will I be able to get off my pain meds or will I always need

2016-01-28 14:06
I just want my pain to go away and have a normal life again. Well I have MS but I would much rather have some or most of the pain gone.
Yes, a fusion will get you out of pain, but not immediately. Within a week you will be cutting way back on the meds. By the second week you will be able to cut back again. By the third week, you will need one for daytime and one for night. Then just one for daytime. It's worth it. Spinal surgery techniques are so sophisticated now. My best wishes to you.
Haven't your doctors discussed this with you?Everyone has different healing times, and pain thresholds.To give an exact, or reasonably close time frame, is not possible.

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