Bee question. I poured some gasoline into some underground bee holes last night. There are still a lot flying around but

2016-01-28 02:42
Does this this mean I got the queen and they are lost and looking for her? Will the go away eventually?
It is always best to put a sign near the nest at night alerting or reminding others of its existence...burning out a nest only kills a great source of pollination that cannot be replaced
most likely, Queens, once established in a nest/hive, never leave. (unless you are talking like paper wasps etc) They won't go away if they are drones/workers.. but they will die in a few days without the protection of the next and the guidance of the queen.
Did you drop a lit match in the hole after you poured the gas in it? (That usually takes care of it)
Are you serious! There is a worldwide concern about the reduction of the bee populations and you are pouring gas on them?Every fruit and veggie that people eat requires pollination by bees. Leave them alone. Bee stings are rare. Bees work so hard to exit and then people come along and destroy their homes and kill them. Pretend they are not there. There are so few places for them to make their homes because of housing developments. they have to live somewhere. How can they bother you if they are underground?

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