How to set up a Dell AIO printer 810 on my new Macbook air?

2016-01-28 02:35
I got my new Macbook air yesterday from Future Shop and I was wondering if/how I could set up my Dell All-In-One Printer 810 with my mac. My mac doesn't have a CD port so I can't insert the disk to set it up. I really need help! I am SO not tech savvy, so please give me step by step instructions or post a link to where I can get help for this! I would appreciate this very much!!

You will have to set up the printer from a Windows machine before connecting it to the Mac, because Dell does not have printers for the Macbook Air. This will require someone with technical expertise. Check with an authorized Apple dealer for more information.
download link for the drivers: includes the download link and instructions as well.edit: oops.. that's for Windows Vista. Use this link instead: for Mac.

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