Here's a situation: three guys (18 and over) killed a 15 year old and wounded an adult. If all three of the men were the

2016-01-27 11:18
but only one actually fired the gun, but the gun belonged to one if the other guys, what happens to each? ~simple form~ guy 'A' kills someone and attempts murder on another with guy 'B' 's gun. and guy 'A' guy 'B' and guy 'C' were all there.
Its called guilty by association. They are all gonna get the murder charge unless one of them actually tryed to stop the other(s) from killing the person.
They all go to jail Guy A for killingGuy B providing gun and accomplice Guy C accomplice (unless he said anything to the police about the murder)
Accessory to murder - without anything but testimony, proving whom the trigger-man was will be harder without forensic evidence. Depending on the circumstances, and the State, one, two, or all three could be looking at the business end of a needle filled with potassium - if the crime was pre-meditated (murder-one).
All are chargeable for the same crime. Hence the logic, be careful who you keep as friends. Looks like murder to me, all men will probably be charged with murder.
Accessory to murder. Prison forsure for A&B...C.. Not too sure, maybe the same
They all are guilty of the same crime and will be charged with the same crime. The difference is the one who pulled the trigger will usually get a harsher penalty.

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