Is it bad parenting to get your young teens birth control and condoms?

2016-01-25 04:45
what do yall think about getting teens birth control and condoms? why or why not?
YES! Thats like telling your young child is ok to sleep around.
No it's a good thing at lease there protecting them against Std and pregnancy ...
as long as you educate them on the topic and let them know what can happen if they do not use protection you shouldn't have a problem and they will get their own... It is something you should let them deal with as they may feel too overprotected and start to dislike or hide things from you, education is the best protection
No. Tell your children the facts of life as soon as they are about to hit puberty. You can include ideas of morality or not, but there are so many kids who end up pregnant or with sexually transmitted diseases because they started having sex and no one had apparently explained anything to them. They can't avoid the problems of young adulthood if you pretend there aren't any.
Depends on the age of the kids! A good parent teaches the consequences of having sex at any age! That not having sex is the only 100% birth control! All the while hoping they listen, and still loving them when they don't!
No, because unless you never let them go out alone anywhere, they will find a way to have sex. So instead of trying to tell them not to, as they will anyway, teach them how to be safe.
You talk to your teens and tell them that they can discuss this subject with you without fear of anger or lecture. You tell them that although you hope they will choose differently, if they do decide to have a sexual relationship to please let you help them make sure they are safe from pregnancy or std. Tell them that if they get pregnant you want to be sure that it was their choice not to prevent it, knowing you would have helped them prevent it. this leaves decision making up to them to think about what they are doing. it also raises you up in their eyes by showing openness honesty and support. it may delay their actions and cool them off knowing they can wait and be safe with your support.

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