What does this dream mean?

2016-01-24 21:54
so lately I've been having this nightmare that I am in school like it a normal day, but I walk into the hallway and all the lights are out, and I see my friend she is on the floor bleeding and calling for help I try to pick her up but I can't cause it's like she is the weight of a car. I then run for help but I get lost in the dark hallways, next thing I know I'm falling down a dark hole and that's when I wake up. what does this mean??? I'm having this nightmare like every night now and I'm starting to fear falling asleep.
It could mean there is a problem with someone else or you, if you cant solve it or "pick it up" It will put more stress or "weight" on it. The problem might bleed out and die or "get worse" and falling in a dark place can show your hiding.
Trapped and impotence. It's probably just a dream though. Sometimes a cup is just a cup.
have you see some Hollywood movies recently,please do not worry,dream and reality are opposite,go to talk with your friends,everything is OK
sounds like maybe you are subconciously feeling like things are out of control in some aspect of your life and it is being expressed symbolically in the dream ...
In my opinion this dream most likely means you have something you need to get off your chest or fix a bad action you might have made or you might be running away from a problem that might have happened. Hope this helps
did you touch any of the blood in your dream? because if you did then that means you are going to have a big problem because of rumors
Do you have a female friend going through any problems? Do you feel obligated to help, but have no clue how you can? Are you lost on how to find the correct help from an outside source or who to tell this problem to? Even if it's a small problem that you may look over everyday. It may be starting to weigh down your conscience, and something is trying to tell you to do something about it and not just watch?
hmmmmmmmm.........see if I can analyze this here dream.......a tough one...oh.......it means you had a dream

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