How do i have a better relationship with my mom?

2016-01-24 19:07
She is mad at me and she kicked me out of my howe and she have not talked to me for 1 year
If you feel like you did nothing wrong, then you are probably going to have to maintain this current relationship of nothingness.If you now know what you did was wrong and are sorry about it, then all you can do is apologize. After that, it is all up to her.
You must have triggered her wild side!...Try apologizing first..actually what did you do that she got so mad?
My best friend lived with me for 2 years after her mom kicked her out. She called her mom and apologied to her one day. Then they started spending time together a little at a time. Tell her you're sorry, and know that you only have a mom once. When they are gone...they are gone forever.
We have no background.

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