There is this guy that i really like at school but i don't know if i should tell my friends. (read description) should i

2016-01-23 11:03
i really like this 1 guy at school. he is really nice, sweet, funny, and great to talk with. The last time i told my friends that i liked someone whenever he would walk by us they would look at me with that "look", and it would make get red cheeks and i would smile too. it was really bad:( but i do have this one friend that im much closer too and i had already told her and i dont know if i should tell my other friends. i need help:(
don't tell a lot of people .. i've made that mistake once before .if you have a friend that you truly trust and she won't tell a soul .. well you can trust her but you need to be 100% sure .
advice that could save your life: dont trust anyone. keep your secrets yourself, and avoid people unless they're absolutely perfect to talk to. my work here is done.
You should only do it if your complete sure that you want to tell them. Right now I dont think you are so just keep it a secret between you and your friend :)Good luck with your crush <3
Tell the ones you trust and the ones who don't go off telling other people.

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