Any advice? Girls only (:

2016-01-23 04:25
I need some help with acne... mine can get pretty bad and it's really bad right now. I use clean and clear face wash, clean and clear astringent, epiduo, and elf zit zapper all in that order every night and in the morning the face wash and astringent. II do wear makeup (foundation,concealer,powder) to cover my flaws because of zits. why won't they go away? how can I make them go away? i need a confidence booster here!
eat healthy drink alot of water and get in shower every day
Acne is caused by a bacteria. Do not touch your face with your hands, wash your face with a clean wash cloth and dry it on an unused clean dry towel. Do not wipe your face on a used kitchen or bathroom towel, this is where the acne germs hide and will infect your face.Good luck! : D
The best thing you can do product wise is get some professional product. Go to a spa or somewhere where u can talk to an esthetician. They will analyze ur skin and let u know what u can do or if u should go to a dermatologist. At least they will give u a quick look for free and show u some product. Drug store products that u can get at places like wal Mart have a lot of additives and preservatives in them That can be harmful to your skin. Plus ur paying for a lot of filler and not getting a pure helpful product. Where as if u can buy pro. Product u will be getting procuct that has the nutrients your skin needs and that isn't full of fillers.
Cut down on fatty foods like chips and greasy frenchfries. Refrain from touching your face..KEEP USING the epiduo, thats what my dermetologist has me on right now. But switch your face wash to PanOxyl-4... I would stop usin the zit Zapper, and most importantly- SWITCH TO a medicated make up. Almay is foundation/powder/concealer that is medicated. Thats what helps the most. Also, make sure youre applying make up with a sponge and not your hands. I have an acne free face, and trruuussstt wasnt like that before i started doing this stuff. Good luck!
Johnson's Baby Wash
Go to the skin doctor of your choice.
Sorry for being nosy but non of acne products worked for me the only real thing that workd was cleaning my self from the inside aut so all i did was to stop drinking juices and soda and that got the job done i've been 1 year and 3 months without drinking a single glass of juices i have drinking soda but only when i go to chinease buffet
Ok none of the face washes or anything else actually works. I know how acne can be especially around that time of the month, it's the worst. Here's what you need to do: Go to your doctor or dermatologist and talk to them about your acne, don't be embarrassed they will help you without judgement, they've seen it all, and ask them about medications and most importantly, ask them about something called erythromycin gel. I got it about 6 months ago, and I had horrible acne but, now my dance is really clear, and I only a few pimples occasionally. Erythromycin gel is a prescription medication so thats why you have not seen any commercials for it. I am telling you, after like 2-3 weeks there is a major difference in your complexion. Give it a month or so before you decide if it works or not, it's not magic, you are not going to get results over night, but it does work, I promise. It might look like its really expensive but if your patents have insurance, they cover a lot of the costs. The only thing I would warn you about, it (and this might only happen to me) when I put it on it hardens and makes my face stiff, then it peels off if I move it around too much, so I only wear it at night time so I would suggest that you do that the first time too just in case.

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