What exactly ARE the rules on Ask.com?

2016-01-22 09:31
I've seen plenty of questions/answers/comments get deleted for no apparent reason at all, and I've also seen hundreds (if not thousands) of posts on here stay up even though they don't come CLOSE to meeting the guidelines around here. So, if questions and answers that DON'T violate any rules get axed, while questions and answers that DO violate your rules are allowed stay up, how are we expected to know what we can and cannot say on here? I've just about had it with trying to answer (or comment on) perfectly reasonable questions, only to have the entire question deleted moments later. And don't point me at the guidelines, unless they were rewritten in the last few minutes and I haven't noticed yet.

Of the last couple that were removed- both were yes/no type questions which have never been allowed. The Guidelines are pretty straight forward, so if you come across content that you feel is in violation, please use the "report as" link. We are human, we can miss things, and so we do often rely on users to report, and we appreciate it when they do.Often there is confusion about poll/survey type questions, which is understandable, since there have been recent Guidelines changes. Currently the following applies...When it's clear that there is a specific purpose behind a question, as supported by additional details, then questions like “What’s the best beach for surfing on Oahu?” which require opinion based answers, that could be helpful to others are appropriate. However, we still do not allow poll questions like “this vs. that,” true/false, yes/no type questions or those that elicit low quality answers like “What’s your favorite…” or “What should I name my puppy?”. If you have any other questions, you can comment below, or contact Customer Service for assistance.http://asksupport.custhelp.com/app/ask
Looks like this question survived the cut:)
Put your tail between your legs and try to have fun, those are officially the rules!
The rules only apply to non-religious zealots and Justin Bieber fans. The rest of us must defer to them, since this is their site.

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