Do i want to cheat?

2016-01-21 04:48
i have a boyfriend who i adore, but i also have a lot of close guy friends. One of them i talk to often and we are very competitive about everything, and we started playing the are you nervous game cause i knew i could win. we are both dating someone, but even when he squeezed my boobs i said no. i got bored and googled are you nervous later and while reading it said that it means i want him...... but its just a competition....
Cheating never ends well, especially if you're not really sure you like the other guy. If you feel as if you will be tempted, just stay away from that guy and spend lots of time with your boyfriend.
You're not married; therefore, it's not cheating.
But you're in a relationship, therefore it is cheating. I've been with my man over a year now & I'm only 16. When I have urges to flirt, I do. But nothing extreme as that, because depending on your boyfriends perspective that can be seen as cheating. I'd avoid that if I were you.
Break up with your boyfriend. I'm sure he would be too happy to hear that you let random guys fell you up. Likewise, I'm sure it wouldn't be ok if he was doing that with random girls, right?

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