Ok so my husband just went to the doctor today and his doctor told him he had to loose 40 pounds in the mid section... A

2016-01-21 03:45
He is in his mid 40's...
Cut carbs, such as white bread, potatoes, rice, any white food in general. It really helps, along with exercise.
This site has plenty of workout programs and diet plans to look through http://www.burnthefatfeedthemuscle.biz/Hope it helps!
It's the fast digesting carbs that are killer cause what happens is they cause your insulin level spike and when this happens your body stores the extra as fat to use for energy later but then he feels hungry sooner and prolly eats the same fast digesting carbs google slow/fast digesting foods and do some home work good luck
cut out sugar,carbs,bread/dough,soda and juices,most salt and do lots of excercise and cardio and he should lose it in about 3 months!

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