Is this cheating?

2016-01-20 09:00
my exam for Earth Science is tomorrow and my teacher said we can use our notes but i dont wanna look through all of them, so i made a couple of pages of notes where i looked up the exact answers i need from the internet because my teacher gave us a sheet telling us everything on the test is this cheating or can i do it?
Simple if you have to ask you have some belief it is cheatingSo you have already concluded that it IS cheatingThus it's CHEATING
Whenever my teacher says we can use notes for a test I always do this. Notes are things you write in a notebook and your riding the answers in the notebook so no it is not cheating
No, this is not cheating.
I would not consider it cheating if you looked up answers to question on subject matter given by teacher. Memorize your notes you will be fine
I think your teacher gave you a roadmap on how to prepare for the test. I don't think I would have given you so much leeway but it probably isn't cheating. Don't be too confident. Study hard and do well.
no I'm sure it's not because your teacher gave u 1 way how u can use them to help u, probably

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