how do you get rid of stretch marks? please read the description!

2016-01-19 19:22
so im a pre-teen. i dont have any products on how to make cocoa butter or coconut oil. i haven't told my parents & i dont feel comfortable telling them. i dont know how to make it. my friends dont have any. will facial cream work for stretch marks?
Pre- teens don't get stretch marks. They are probably just little lines from sitting to much.
Nearly every single person on this earth gets a stretch mark or two at some point in their life. There's absolutely no shame in telling your mom about it. She herself probably has a few of them because of you! :P
To get rid of stretch marks, you can use potato juice. Potato juice has vitamins and minerals which foster growth and resort skill cells. You can also use natural white sugar to get rid of stretch marks. Go to for all the details.
I have found that vitamin E oil is helpful with stretch. I developed stretch marks when I was rather young, a sudden growth spurt I suppose you could call it. I agree with eevvee, there is no shame in telling your parents at all! I was and still am extremely self-conscious, but really it is nothing to worry about :)

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