how do I clean my new kitty's ears...

2016-01-19 07:06
I rescued this cute little white kitty that was just left on a door step she has really dirty black ears . what is the best way for me to clean them without hurting her
Take her to the vet. They have ear cleaner there that are specifically designed for them. Anything else could be too harsh. It may have an ear infection.
I got a kitten and I think aloe wipes
Try using rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or on a cotton swab. My grandma always does this and it works for her! Hope it helps!
I read cotton balls and the ear cleaner they sell at pet stores, but it sounds like it could be earmites so You should take him to the vet before using anything not made for cats (unless maybe just a little water but I'm not sure) some of the things that would help our ears can hurt their ears. Ask your vet :) get him checked out to make sure he is healthy and that he gets any needed vaccinations :)Hope I helped! I'm not an expert. I researched earlier how to clean your cats ears and it said cotton balls with the stuff made for cleaning cats ears :) good luck with your stray! I rescued a stray kitten also (a few years ago) she was abandoned by her mother as a kitten and now Is a happy healthy 3 year old cat!
try baby wipes
They sell ear wipes most places they sell pet supplies. Until you can get there use a damp paper towel and wipe them. Your kitten should go to a vet. It is always best to get a rescue checked out for worm and mites (which leaves black stuff in ears.) and should get it's shots to keep it healthy. If money is an issue contact your local SPCA or Humane Society and ask about a lost cost clinic. It is good of you to take the kitty in, but it needs to be checked so you can be sure that is all you are bringing in.
Use a paper towel and just lightly wet it be carful because the cat probably won't like it and it will squirm, I strongly suggest you get the cat checked out by a vet because its a stray.

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