How can i regain my parents' trust?

2016-01-18 08:30
I snuck out christmas eve to exchange gifts with my boyfriend. We were literally gone for about 15 minutes and were walking home when my parents found out. My mom broke us up and wont let me have my phone to talk to him or anything. My dad said that if i can bring up my grades i can see him again. I now have all As but nobody has said anything about letting us be back together. His parents are fine with it but I dont know what to do about mine. I know it was wrong, but i just want to be able to see him again. I would really like to be able to see him by his birthday in February.
Ask them say "hey mom what can I do to earn your trust back?" Be honest about everything admit to them that you were wrong to sneak out like that. Tell them that you won't sneak out ever again.
Try to be especially good. Gaining trust back takes time. Just show them you're sorry and you regret your decision. Maybe sit them down and let them know WITHOUT asking to see him again. If they see you're genuinely acknowledging your mistake, they'll see you're trying and you know. For now, don't ask and just do things to let them know you're sorry.
Trust is a very hard thing to earn back. It sounds like they have forgiven you, but they'll be smart not to forget. It hasn't even been a month yet...this could take months. Just keep following the rules and doing what you're supposed to do. Eventually the bridge of trust will be rebuilt. Good luck.
be responsible from now on, don't make any stupid chooses, and offer to do things.
Ask your parents now that it has been awhile.
In time only

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