It is often said that all men look for in a woman is sex, but could it be said that sex is all a woman looks for in a m

2016-01-17 10:58
Just a philosophical question, please leave your own thoughts below.
For some people, male and female, this is true. Men and women can seek a partner for purely physical reasons, but I would argue that a relationship won't last if there's not sexual attraction.
That is pretty stereotypical either way. I prefer not to deal in such inaccurate absolutes. All people are different. While yes, our evolution and hormonal balance makes men more likely to seek transient sexual partners (to increase dissemination of genetic material) and women more likely to seek permanent partners (for increased security in the raising of offspring), we are more than our base impulses. While I'm sure there are some men and some women who just seek sexual gratification in a partner, I doubt it is the majority for either group.
The answer is going to change from person to person, because I'm pretty sure not ALL men are interested in sex, same for women. Some men and women may look for purely sexual relationships while others look for relationships based on love without sexual contact. It really depends!

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