what would the baby look like

2016-01-14 23:20
If two people with both brown hair and green eyes were to have a baby, what eye and hair color would the baby most likely be born with?
Babies are like Chameleons. It may look different when it comes out compared to 5 years later.What genes get expressed may not be the ones it has expressed later. Who can know?
Almost definitley brown hair, because brown is a dominant gene. However, green is a recesive gene, so the child isnt as likely to inherit that gene. Anything is possible, look at the african american parents who gave birth to a blonde haired, blue eyed baby.
It all depends on what genes the baby will get and they can come from grandparents as well. It is not cut in stone. Blonde haired parents have brown haired children. Blue eyed parents have brown and green eyed children. You will never really know until the baby is born. And even then, hair can change color, especially darken over the years.
That is a guessing game, babies are mostly born with blue eyes that can change even as toddlers

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