Would you be willing to take a coworker home every night if they lived on the way?

2016-01-13 16:08
If shes got her car repo'd
She got in a wreck and has no ride.

Her boyfriend doesn't have a car either.

Also, she waiting to sue the cab that hit her and its been since march she's been needing a ride from me* (so i don't know how long the case as actually be open)

Pay for gas every other week.
Not a big deal to me but if I had plans then they need to make other arrangements.
pay some in gas
That's nice of you doing her a favor,but she also should realize that you might need to go elsewhere on the,way home. Not saying she's taking avantage ,but your also saving her money since she has no car.She also can rent a car until her car is either fixed or share the cost for gas.Her insurance may cover this,she should see if it does.You don't really know how long it will be but sometimes you need to say your going somewhere after work and she needsto find another way of getting home.You never mention that she has offered you anything could this be the reason your questioned this.I surely would speak out if this is the matter.Cars don't run on air,am sure it not a straight ride from her home to yours and you travel in a different direction towards your home afterwards. Just think of all the money she's saving from you.I wouldn't take advantage of it, if you were driving me home.I know she thanks you,after the ride,plainly speak out good luck.Just as I said many times people take kinds for granted and don't return it back,anybody that drives me I give gas money cause cars don't. run on thank you.
pay and ride
It wouldn't bother me unless it was out of my way or it interrupted plans I had. I think its nice of you to help her out. We need less selfish people in the world.
If it isn't way out of your way, you work the same shifts, and have the same days off, why not. You have the benefit of having someone to talk to, qualify for carpool lanes if applicable, and if they want to throw in a couple of bucks for gas all the better! If it turns into a problem you can always terminate this arrangement!
I would at least be willing to give the arrangement a try, but I would make her aware that there may be days when you will not be able to do so---for whatever reason---and that the arrangement is not guaranteed to be a permanent one.And you need to make it perfectly clear that on those days you will have no responsibility for her transportation needs.Since your city has taxi service, I assume that could be her back-up option.

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