I have curly and frizzy hair, a male, and about bowl cut hair length would rather not straighten my hair. any solutions?

2016-01-11 12:42
i cant really pull off the shrt hair look, recently tried it, but for a long time my hair was long and basically fine. but ever since puberty hit, my hair becomes very puffy, and curly and fried, when heavy moisture, or any of that, and its even worse cause my hair get damaged extremely from swimming (school required) which has way to much chlorine. any ways to get it more naturally straight and flatter. i have used relaxer a few weeks ago but got immediatly ruled out right when i had swimming. i like my hair long but its so hard to take care of. solutions, not advice to cut my hair or any of that please
It sounds like the chlorine is your main problem. Find a good clarifying shampoo, and make sure you use conditioner on your hair. Also, don't stretch your hair when it's wet - it damages the molecular bonds and makes your hair weak and prone to breakage, which just makes it frizzier. Also, make sure it get it trimmed regularly. The chlorine is going to make your hair prone to split ends, and that also makes it look frizzier. Has it been a long time since you had it cut?
If your able to, put a baseball cap on at night or after you get out of the shower for a while and the you'll have wings.(all flat except the ends which will curve up)
I have curly hair, too, that gets frizzy if it's dry. I use Garnier Sleek & Shine to calm down the frizz. Also, you can use a hot oil treatment or even olive oil treatment to moisterize it. Curly hair has tendency to get dry. It's constant care to keep it from getting frizzy like that.

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