What are some good, extinct, disney shows?

2016-01-10 17:51
My niece really wants to know some good shows that used to be on Disney Channel. Anyone got anything good?
101 dalmationsAriel the mermaidLittle bearFranklinVeggie tales - I don't think it's Disney but has good life teachable lessonsAristocatsBambi Flintston esWaltonsLittle house on the prairie
Some good, extinct, Disney shows are Good Morning Mickey, Donald Duck Presents, You and Me Kid, Symbol, Kids Incorporated, Mickey Mouse Club and Good Morning Miss Bliss. We also have Raw Toonage, Adventures in Wonderland, The Mighty Ducks and Flash Forward.
In my time it was- Kim possible - even Stevens - lizzy McGuire - little mermaid - boy meets world- LILO and stitch - emperors new grove - the proud family- Rollie pollie Ollie That's just Disney I have so many more for cartoon network and nickelodeon :)it's a shame they don't show none of these anymore alot of the show from the past have more meaning then these crazy shows these days.
Cory in the houseThe proud familyLILO and stitchlizzy McGuire that's so raventhe little mermaidPhil of the futurelife with Dereksuite life of zack and CodyHannah montanna was okay for the first two seasons.
Out of the BoxLife with DerekCory in the house That so ravenHouse of MouseRecessThe Weekendersteacher's petKim Possible

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