Help!-child of deceased parent/recently deceased stepdad-stepsiter named executor of estate destroyed my moms prop.1 day

2016-01-09 05:41
My mom died 3 yrs ago, my stepdad didn't want us to move any of her possessions b/c of his "pain". 6 mths ago, he asked her kids to sign "Quit Claim" deed so he could refinance the house. My 3 brothers did to "help' him. I refused b/c of gut feeling He died a mth ago & we still had NOTHING. The day after his funeral, she started gutting their house. I KNOW mom had a will, but can't locate it as it was apparently never filed. I've been named Admin was given permission a WEEK of them destroying things to acquire anything left....which was VERY LITTLE. They filled 2 semi dumpsters of personal possessions, furniture, etc MANY NEW &STILL IN BOXES. I dug through the landfill for HOURS to retrieve ANYTHING. We have pictures of the damaged items, but most can not be replaced. Now I have been told to return what little I have! They even said we stole some of their personal items! I want NOTHING of theirs and took nothing! My lawyer is very little help. What can I do?
best idea is to talk to a lawyer and the mayor of your town. sorry for your lost
Get another attorney that handles estate issues. He can go before a judge and get a cease and desist order until this can be worked out in probate court. gather all the evidence you can. This is very strange. one sibling be it a step sibling or not shouldn't have absolute authority to do this.
The best thing I would advise is to report the matter to the police and let them try to help in resolving the differences. You can also engage another lawyer so as to get a second opinion on what should be done. I'm sorry for what you are going through and the loss of your mom.

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