Should I get a paint job?

2016-01-06 17:48
I would love to have a light silvery pink Explorer 2008. I already have the car but it's black. My mom didn't have a problem with the idea but my step-dad said maybe. I'm wondering if I should really get it done and about how much?
It you get it done properly, so you'll be happy with the results, it will probably cost at at least $1000. Don't forget that the interior will be as it is now - probably going better with black than silvery pink. Go to a reputable company with history. Sounds very nice though...!
I think the color you're looking for is light pearlescent pink.
It's expensive to get an excellent paint job. It's moderately expensive to get a standard commercial re-paint job. In Los Angeles we used to have Earl Scheib and One Day Paint and Body. Google for shops local to you or ask the Ford dealer.
Do something you'd know you'll love in 5-10 years. TIP: Get one that's not cheap, and one that's practical that isn't very ugly.
Custom colors cost more. A typical paint job for regular color will cost around $2000. You can get a cheaper paint job but you get what you pay for. You also have to consider resale. When your tired of it and ready to get into a new car its going to be exceedingly difficult to sell a pink car.

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