Do you have to pray and go to church and read the bible to be a true christen.

2016-01-06 16:57
Okay so i kinda believe in god but to be a christen do i have to do all that stuff to be a true christen.
The only way to learn about God is to read the Bible ... Start in the New Testament. ... We need to pray to talk to Jesus...You will WANT to go to church after you spend some time with Christ. Bless you !!
You really should be reading the bible and praying to get closer to God. But you can be a very good Christian and not go to church, as long as you are living for Him and doing the other two things you are good.
To keep it short, Yes. A true Christian should want to do these things. Through out scripture we see the only way we can talk to God is through prayer. We are told to study to so ourself approved unto God (2 Tim. 2:15) and you have to attend worship.We must not forsake the assembly (Heb. 10:25-26) just to list a few verses. A lot can be said about this though.
As God's children, we should want to draw close to him. The most available open way to communicate with God is through prayer. When we pray to God and then open His word, the Bible, and read from it, God is communicating to us. Hebrews 10:24,25 tells us not to forsake the gathering of ourselves together. So this is the reason why we come together and worship together. Jehovah God is a god of order (1 Corinthians 14:33).
How could you possibly be a "True Christian" unless you know what it means to be a "True Christian" by reading the bible? Can you become a "True Doctor" without attending a medical school, or without reading the medicinal books? Of course, nonetheless, you can CLAIM to be a "True Christian" (like most of the professing Christians do today), without reading the bible, but your CLAIM (just like their claims) in your favor, shall not necessarily MAKE you a "True Christian" in reality.
what does your heart say? personally, I think there is a difference between true and devout.
To be a Christian is to believe in Jesus. Now, how good a Christian depends on how devoted to Jesus you are..Jesus was sent to set examples for us. Jesus would go to the Temple to worship, but it was after HE was sacrificed for us, that churches were established , so going to church is important because it is there that you receive COMMUNION. The act performed by Jesus on Holy Thursday [ Easter ] Passover for those of the Jewish Faith is celebrated around the same time of the year. There are some Jewish people who are Christian. .We are all God's children no matter what Faith tho. So respect is important, and in a way , respect is love.The Bible teaches us many things, but it is difficult to understand for many.We all take something from it though ..Life is not all black and white to me, there is gray matter and with that part, I feel God will have the final word.So the stuff you talk about is important to be close to Jesus, but above all, Love is the key to being a good Christian. Love is what Jesus is all about.. My feelings.
No, you must believe in The Lord and accept Him as your savior to be a Christian. Christianity is a relationship, not a religion. I do not believe you are required to attend church. it is not bad if you go from time to time, but it isn't required.
IMO, not really. It would be good to read the bible if you are going to believe what it says. And praying is an individual thing. So how much you pray will be individual as well. As for going to church, I don't think you have to go. I believe in God and I don't belong to any church because I have found to many of them telling people how they are wrong or making judgments, and not paying attention to teaching love and acceptance.
as for myself, you don't

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