I have a period question!!!! I would prefer an answer from a doctor!!! And no stupid answers..please!

2016-01-05 19:19
Okay. So I am 13 and just got my first period 4 days ago. Yesterday I only had a little spotting about the size of a nickel. Then this morning I felt that I no longer needed a pad Cuz I had nothing at all. But I did make a toilet paper pad just in case. Like a ½ hour later I felt like I was peeing my pants and couldn't stop so I ran to the bathroom. I was actually terrified to see that my whole toilet paper pad was covers in blood. For the rest of the day the only thing that I had was a bit of brown spotting. Now it is 8:15 and I went to the bathroom...an to my horror again...I had blood all over another to pad! And its like bright red, not brown or anything. Just blood! Why does this keep happening to me! For two days I thought my period was over, but once in the early morning, and once at night, it just poured out! Help me! (PS.p.s. I know I'm not dying...so please no comments like that!) Please help!!!!!!
I know in the morning when women get up the "pouring" you described is normal. It usually don't leak out when your laying down so when you stand up it comes flowing out. You are normal. :0)
Its just the way periods work. The same thing happens to everyone. Maybe instead of pads, wear tampons. They absorb it before it can exit.
It's the end of your monthly flow. Sometimes it slows down then has a large discharge, then slows down again. This is a topic you should be discussing with your mother or a supportive adult female. Do you have someone you can talk to?
Just chill. It happens. It'll stop soon, but it's okay.
Wow, you can get pregnant... already!?! But really, it's your first period. You're gonna go through these things until your body meets it's own rhythm. Don't freak out, it's natural, and until you've had like 15 periods, you should be able to manage it well, know when it's coming, how long it'll be, and when something's out of order.
periods go at the end of sentences, menstrual cycles at a given time, but not really this place webmd is more apropos
It's probably your body adjusting to it.
you are going to deal with this every month for up to 7 days for the next possibly 40 years. bleeding, cramping, PMS, and headaches, etc..always have a pad or tampon handy in your purse. unless the bleeding or pain is very heavy or abnormal you will be fine. don't worry this is normal. once you get used to it, it will be second nature. we all go through it.....
If you prefer an answer from a doctor ... you should probably just ask your doctor.
its normal, over time your periods will be more regular ,
It could be your body getting used to it or it could be a infection as well. When my little sister started hers she had the same problem and she had to go to the doctor. She had a infection.. U might wanna get that checked.
If you want an answer from a doctor, then go to the doctor. There are no doctors here.However, you appear to be having a normal period.
It's normal it could be like that for 3 to 4 days and last for the first 2 years of your cycle

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