What is going on with my friend's computer?

2016-01-05 10:34
The keys on t and space won't work on my friend's computer. I then suggested she restart it, then when she turned it on, it make VERY LOUD beeping noises. She went to the start menu, and it looked as if someone were scrolling through it, but she wasn't. Has she been hacked? PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!
Restore the computer to factory default.
I don't think she's been hacked. There's a ton of things that could be wrong, from Windows not seeing something right, to the keyboard's ribbon cable being loose, to a virus that's going to say "Yo pay 50 bucks and I'll fix it". Those beeping noises are called beep codes. Those are what the BIOS, a chip on the motherboard that tells the computer to start up, what to check, and what order to run things in, does to communicate a problem to the user. How many beeps did it yield? Also, what model is the computer and what year was it manufactured?
I recommend that you restore it to factory settings, when something like this happens it is better to do that and take care of any viruses, bugs, and or hackers that have planted things onto her computer.

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