Girls especially, how do I compliment her without sounding creepy?

2016-01-04 06:00
There's a girl who I really like. I know she likes me and I have asked her out once but she said she was not ready and needs to get to know me better...but that's a different story. I really want to keep her interested by complimenting her, but I don't want to sound creepy and/or weird (I am very shy so this is common). What is a good way to approach a complement? Also, a mutual friend is having a semi formal valentines day party and I know she will look stunning. What should I say to compliment her dress and hair or makeup or something? Thanks so much!
Well if the color of her dress is a cool color then you could say you liked that color and thought it looked good on her, then ask her what her favorite color is.... The conversation would go on from there
You can tell her "you look great today" or other things you can also say corny jokes like "is it hot in here or is it you" girls like when guys make those so don't be shy and if you should start asking her questions about her so you guys get to know eachother

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