How do I get my mom to get me a bunny? I have asked and asked.

2016-01-03 20:44
My mom said once my room is clean and I show responsibility I can get one I have done those things and I still don't have a bunny
this was an issue when my sister wanted her Guinea Pig. We only had a short day to decide (one of her friends decided to buy him without permission and her mother was super mad, plus every time he moved she about dropped him and killed him so our parents felt like she was gonna accidently kill him), but the threat of having to hand him off to me and not be his owner anymore has worked well. It took 3 years of keeping my room immaculate to even get a fish, so do as your mother says and one birthday, easter or christmas you may find a bunny in your room when you wake up or get home from school or wherever you were. Or, like my boyfriend did with the cat he adopted for me 3 years ago after my parents cleared him, wake you up by putting the bunny on your bed next to you and wake you up. I would also like to point out that it WILL seem like a long time, but if you are patient, it will happen. don't bug your mother, AND let your mother know (when she asks what you're doing on your computer, say "research for if I get a rabbit so I know what to do with it" and smile) BUT actually be doing research if you say that and never lie about it.
At least she isn't saying a flat out "NO." This shows hope for you! Try to not only clean your room, but also offer to do extra chores or do them without her asking. Ex: Set the table for dinner. Do the dishes after. Always do your homework before going out to play. Dust. Ask her if you can help with the laundry. Sort the clothes. Match the socks. (1 of my least favorite things to do is match socks! :))Best of all, do research on the car and needs of the bunny. Show her you know what it takes to have this responsibility. Show her you know how often to clean it's house, what it's needs are, how you are going to earn money to pay for it's food. Where you plan on putting it. etc. The more you can prove you know the responsibility to having a pet, the more she will be convinced. Good Luck!
I guess you need to do that stuff more often, doing it one time just shows you're only doing it for the bunny and never would want responsibility like that again after you get the bunny. so basically your mom doesn't really trust you with the responsibility of cleaning your room etc.
A bunny has no bowel control so it has to be kept in a cage with a coarse screen floor where the poop can fall straight through. Obviously that means work on your part to clean and keep the smell under control. Any animal has to be fed regularly without fail and always all the water they want. You are talking about a lot of taking care, much more than with a kitten or a puppy. Well, maybe the puppy is about equal. I would guess you are not even in the habit of keeping your own crap picked up.
That sounds a lot like what I had to do when I got a bunny. Be careful though, they are ALOT more work then you expect...
Obviously, she doesn't yet believe you have.Ask her what more you need to do.And you don't "show responsibility" overnight - it can take months of being responsible, before she believes you actually are - and not just acting that way temporarily.
persuasion methods- guilt trip- reverse psychology - pity- logic- make it the only thing you ever ask for on Xmas or your bdaynote ive been spoilt for years. i think im a professional beggar now lol
One great way to show that you have responsibility is to do stuff she doesn't ask you to. Volunteer to help wash the windows, or do the dishes. Go the extra mile. Another thing is make sure you are actually ready to have a bunny. If your mom wants to know you are responsible before getting you a bunny, she'll probably be wanting you to do the majority of caring for it.
Rabbits are much more work then you would think they are, and your mother proberly knows that so she's probably expecting you to exert months of responsibility, and try to do things that she does not ask you to do.

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