Hi. Im a 15 year old boy lol so i have this girl that i like since 2011, we've been talking and texting since then. Idk

2016-01-03 15:08
Should i confess? Ps: she is a very kind girl. Not flirty. Not slutty. We just happen to like each other in Dec 2013 and almost got into a relationship. But my bestfriend had feelings for her too, so she decided to not continue our relationship so my bestfriend and i wont fight or shit. So this year, i pretty much did the same thing. (Text and talk) but she seems to take it very slow u feel me haha so what do you guys suggest i do? Confess or nah?
I wouldn't confess, I'd ask her out. Let's say you 'confess'. Then what? You'll both be standing there staring at each other in an awkward situation. So ask her out. If she says she has to think about it, say 'that's okay, it's not a big deal'. Then move on to someone else. If she doesn't give you a straight answer, you'll be torturing yourself waiting for her to make up her mind (which may be never). You'll find there will be situations where you'll be super attracted to someone, but they may not feel the same for you. Man up and ask her out. Hope for the best and expect the worst.
There is no need to rush into defining your relationship...just let it unfold into what it becomes
I think that you should tell her that you like her, but also ask your friend how he feels. If he still likes her, it could ruin your friendship for you to make a move past telling her how you feel. Still, expressing your true feelings for this girl would never hurt, and I'm sure she'd understand if your friend said it was not cool.
Talk to your best friend about it first is what I would advise
If your best friend still has feelings then ask him & if he gets mad that you asked then he isn't a true friend & if he says it's okay then ask her. Go for it. But either way it shouldn't matter what your friend thinks. Would you rather take a chance at getting the girl you liked for a while or be friends with a jerk that gets mad becuz you asked?
Well it depends on who liked her longer. N btw, I take things slow to. Girls find it a miracle for someone to admitt they like you (especially if you like each other ) say something creative/thoughtful and meaningful to let her know. Surely someone like her wants something like that. Start talking about relationships and stuff to. Good Luck ;)
I would let her know your feelings. Ask if she likes you or your friend more. I'm 16 so I've been through this. Me & my girlfriend started as friends but got closer. Invite her to your house to babysit or just to hang out to talk & be honest. I started inviting my girlfriend over to babysit my little sister with me & we connected more, she fell in love with my sis & I love the little squirt too lol. But try to find something she would enjoy doing with you so she'll be more comfortable & open with her honesty. Not knowing is the worst feeling. Don't make her feel uncomfortable.
What do you mean exactly by "I don't know what to do"? Well if you really like her I'd say go for it and ask her out. Life is short

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