Why do we, as humans, believe the things we do?

2016-01-02 10:17
What is the single most function of our belief structures, outside of survival?
elaborate please
Unlike most animals we have a more developed conscious in our frontal lobe, which allows us to make decisions not or slightly not based on our initial instinct. Belief-ism is the type of philosophy that allows humans to create their own lives from the way they function and see from the five senses. When we see a new idea our mind begins to tackle it (as well as our subconscious). This allows us to learn, unlike animals who can develop to a certain maturity, we develop to a much longer form of maturity. After judging by instinct which is the SURVIVAL instinct we use, our cognition care determine what is right or wrong through our own set of sensations then morals.
Lack of critical thinking skills, poor understanding of logic and delusional denial of basic truths. We believe things because we seek alleviation of suffering and are lied to by people who say the have the answer and that it is to believe. They say to believe in hope. They are merely setting your concerns aside and telling you THAT is the answer. Its like a soldier with a terminal wound when the medic says "hold on a sec" waiting for you to die and assuming that is the best course of action.
Reading and studying the subject.
It's what we do :-)
As a human(most) believing that they are the best and the apex predator (despite the need for a weapon) just stomp in the forest actin like thy can take from Mother Earth!
It is probably because we have a brain that makes us think of these things. Some people have a that conscience sitting on their shoulder making us believe. Or maybe people are using trickery to deceive us and that's why believe. Animals probably don't do it, don't know it, or don't care.

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